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Agent Sasco and Wife Nicole’s Romantic Moment at Mulberry Valley – See Photo

October 29th, 2023

Hours ago, Nicole Mclaren-Campbell shared a photo of herself and her husband Jeffrey E. Campbell aka Agent Sasco on social media along with a message about the 2024 launch of Mulberry Valley Estate. Notably, most viewers bypassed the message and commented directly about the “Lovely” picture on display.

The picture features the two having a romantic moment together in a river, seemingly on the Mulberry Valley Estate.

At the beginning of the year, word spread about Agent Sasco’s venture with his wife, Nicole Mclaren-Campbell, into the world of agro and ecotourism by way of developing their 20-acre property, the Mulberry Valley Estate.

The entertainer has consistently shared the progress of this venture with fans through the use of social media and now that we are reaching the end of the year (the project launches in 2024) further steps to inform and keep the public updated are being taken.

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Mclaren-Campbell shared that she is working in tandem with her husband to bring their project to reality and that even though their bond as husband and wife is quite strong, she will still need the assistance of a few classes or books to manoeuvre working alongside her spouse.

She stated, “I’m excited for Mulberry Valley 2024! Jeffery and I will literally be working together a lot [I’m gonna read a book or take a class on how this work with husband thing goes btw 🤣].”

She further stated that a newsletter was put in place for everything that they have to share in the future.

The news was met with a lot of fire emojis and appreciation for the couple’s endeavours with the Mulberry Valley Estate project.

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