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10Tik ‘Claps Back’ at Popcaan in Water Melon Footage? – Watch Video

September 5th, 2023

In the vibrant and ever-evolving world of dancehall music, it seems there is never a dull moment. The latest buzz revolves around an alleged feud between two prominent artistes: 10Tik and Popcaan.

The root of this controversy can be traced back to an incident that unfolded at a back-to-school event, leaving fans and observers speculating about the state of their friendship. At the centre of this drama is 10Tik’s performance at the treat, which took an unexpected turn when Popcaan took the microphone from him.

The incident has led to speculation among spectators as to whether Popcaan’s action was due to the profanity used by 10Tik during his performance or if it was due to him telling the children that they can grow up to keep even ‘bigger’ treats than the one held by Popcaan.

As the controversy swirled, a new video surfaced online, adding fuel to the already fiery situation. In this viral clip, 10Tik was engaging with a fruit vendor, inquiring about the price of melons. After being quoted $2,000 for a melon, he took it, walked away and shockingly smashed it onto the street.

This act left viewers bewildered and raised questions about its underlying meaning.

See the video of 10Tik smashing the watermelon below:


The connection between melons and Popcaan became apparent in the broader context of recent controversies. Dancehall artiste Denique notably donned a shirt featuring Popcaan eating a melon to promote her song, subtly stoking the fires of drama. Additionally, Kyhighlah, an alleged ex-girlfriend of Popcaan, released a freestyle in which she mentioned someone ‘eating something like a watermelon,’ leading many to speculate that she was taking a shot at the Unruly Boss.

As the video of 10Tik smashing the melon circulated, bloggers and social media users wasted no time dissecting its possible implications. Some suggested it was a direct message to Popcaan, symbolising a rift in their friendship. Others found humour in the bizarre act.

See some of the comments below:

10Tik comments

Some users felt that Popcaan should have taken a more diplomatic approach and advised the artiste privately rather than resorting to a public microphone grab. On the other hand, critics blamed bloggers and vloggers for fanning the flames of controversy by speculating and sensationalising the situation.

See some of the comments below:


Another set of fans expressed disappointment with 10Tik for wasting a good watermelon, labelling him a ‘one-hit wonder,’ while bigging up Popcaan.

See some of the comments below:


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